In light of the recent confirmed Equine Influenza (flu) outbreaks, we urge owners to be extra vigilant of the clinical signs of the virus and to contact their vet immediately if they have any concerns. CLICK ON THE FOLLOWING LINK FROM THE BHS FOR DETAILS  Naphill Riding Club are taking the news of equine flu very seriously. In light of the recent events in the equine world, for safety of our competitors, our members, our supporting venues and our horses, we are following the lead of many equestrian venues. We will be respecting the venues we use and hospitality of our hosts and will be adhering to BEF guidelines on the recommendation of their vets. 

Obviously, all venues we use have resident horses so would not be proceeding with any event if they were unduly concerned. We will absolutely need to be checking passports - we will be asking people to present passports for checking BEFORE opening their lorries/trailers and if not up to date, they will be asked to leave site immediately. We are looking for 12-month boosters, OR the first two of the three vaccine initial course, and none to have been completed within the 7 days preceding the event.

We will not be enforcing the 6-month booster rule but would be strongly recommending this in line with BEF guidelines as per the link below.

From the BEF website:  "The current outbreak has demonstrated the importance of vaccinations and the BEF continues to urge all owners to ensure that their vaccination records are up to date. If it has been longer than 6 months since the last vaccination, we strongly recommend discussing a booster with their veterinary surgeon.

The BEF has asked all competition and training event organisers to check the equine ID passports of all horses attending their event to make sure that they comply with vaccination rules. A number of venues have put extra precautionary measures in place regarding flu vaccinations. We would also remind participants that they should check venue requirements before setting out.  We are working with our venues and keeping in regular contact with them to implement changes when and if needed. We would like, where duly possible; protect our venues our horses young and old so hope any members,helpers or competitors respect this and any rules which venues may put in place. 

Thank you for your patience during these challenging times 

Regards Martin Liggins

Chairman Naphill Riding Club 







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