NORFOLK 2018   - As a newbie to the Naphill Norfolk Holiday, Alison Stenning asked me if I would write a few words about this year’s camp. So we’re just back, me and Johnnie, Enzo and Tiger and we’ve all had a most excellent time. If you enjoy simple pleasures and spending quality time with your four-legged and two-legged friends then you’d love it. If you’d choose riding broad, grassy tracks, over broadband;   golden corn fields and beaches that go on forever, over traffic jams; peace and tranquillity over the daily grind; windmills over treadmills; wildlife and wildflowers, over the rat race …Scrabble with friends, barbecues in the middle of nowhere, fish and chips and ice cream…

…then I recommend the Naphill Norfolk holiday.

My thanks to Alison who orchestrated a perfect holiday for me and my furries.

Susan Brincat




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