For 2018 the Novice Winter Championship will take place at Arena UK, Grantham, NG32 2EF. The Championship will take place on 14 and 15 April 2018. A little later due to the Easter Holidays.  This move does mean that we can remove the stipulation of one rider per test. Due to the extra space we will be able to take the highest placed rider in each arena not part of the qualifying team subject to Appendix 9 as always, but this does mean you will not need to Appendix 11 at the Novice Winter Champs unless you use more arenas than required. 

The extra space will also mean that we can have a presentation ring for the duration of the weekend.

 You can now start passing this information to clubs and the website will be updated shortly. I will also do an email to all Area Chair with 2018 dates soon.

Many Thanks Jennie

Jennie Pallett

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