The conditions were perfect, sun shining, horses gleaming and riders with nervous smiles!  After 1st round both Merryn Polley and I were on clear rounds.  In round 2, Merryn was going great, but had an very uncharacteristic stop on her new boy Storm so ended on 4 faults.

Finlay was flying and we went clear again, which meant a jump off.  With full pony brain engaged, we cut every corner and had the fastest time, but clipped the last fence, so finished 2nd overall.  As highest placed individual, that means qualification for the Nationals.

It was great to see Merryn starting off a new chapter competing on Storm and it was a landmark for me returning to competing after a couple of years out of action.

Thank you Carole for your support and thanks for being such a supportive team mate Merryn! 


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